About Us

Our story (so far)

A nod to my origins, PAMAI means forest in Lao. The idea was born from the desire to create a small green oasis in the heart of Griffintown, a dynamic neighbourhood in Montreal. A place where it would be possible to relax, recharge your batteries. Above all, we want to share a piece of our tranquility, expand the forest beyond the limits of our store to your home.

The heart of PAMAI is its plants! Popular or hidden gems, small or large; we love all plants. We offer a wide variety of indoor plants as well as all the advice you need to keep them healthy and happy. Many are offered ‘ready-to-green’ which means they are already potted, no need to search for a pot.

The piece de resistance of the place is our bubble tea counter. At PAMAI, you can taste the freshness too. All of our loose leaf teas are made with minimally processed and carefully chosen ingredients. Bubble tea is creative in its flavours and textures and that is why it was the drink of choice to offer at PAMAI.