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(Cactaceae): Small size • Effortless care • Bright light

Cacti are the perfect plant for beginners or anyone with a busy lifestyle. These tough plants are available in a wide array of spiked shapes and colours.


A lot of direct sunlight is vital to a healthy cactus, although some prefer indirect sunlight. Try to increase light exposure in winter.


During the growth period, spring and summer, water your cactus when the soil is dry (usually once a week). During winter, water only if the plant begins the shrivel.


 • Temperature: Most cacti prefer hot temperatures during their growth period. In winter, they prefer fair temperatures, but should never be placed close to cold drafts

 • Food: Fertilize once a year at the start of spring. A cactus needs to be planted in a fast-draining cacti mix to promote drainage. Terracotta pots are highly recommended.

 • Toxicity: Cactic are non-toxic, but their sharp spines can cause mild injuries.

 • Cacti grow very slowly, as such they will rarely need to be repotted.