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Elephant Ear Plant

(Alocasia): Small size • Moderate effort • Medium light

Grown for its striking large leaves that resemble the shape of elephant ears, this plant comes in over 70 different species and hybrids. A beautiful yet difficult plant to care for plant.


The amount of light needed varies greatly depending on species, some need direct sunlight and others shade. Specific details will be provided upon purchase of your plant.


An alocasia needs a lot of moisture, but not to an excess where the soil is soggy. Water whenever the top of the soil begins to dry. We recommend a pebble water tray to assure consistent humidity. They require much less water in winter.


 • Temperature: Must be kept above 16°C and away from cold drafts.

Food: Frequently fertilize soil during growth periods. To assure even moisture, plant in a well-drained, loose potting mix.

Toxicity: This plant is highly toxic to both cats and dogs, as well as humans if ingested.

 • It is normal for your plant to lose leaves in winter, do not overwater if this occurs.