Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

(Ficus lyrata): Large size • Moderate effort • Medium light

Their shiny green leaves and unique shape make fiddle leaf figs a great centerpiece. They can grow over 6 feet tall indoors.


It prefers abundant indirect sunlight all day. Rotate the plant every few months. It is important to wipe down its leaves once a month so it can absorb sunlight.


Generously water once the top inch of soil dries. If you underwater, the leaves will turn brown on the edges. If you overwater, there will be dark brown spots on the leaves. Prefers humid environments. Place on the pebble water tray or near other plants to increase humidity.


 • Temperatures: Prefers warm temperatures between 18°C and 23°C. Avoid temperatures below 10°C, as well as cold drafts.

Food: Fertilize once in the spring and monthly in summer. It is not necessary to fertilize in winter.

Toxicity: Mildly toxic to pets, causing stomach irritation.

 • Prone to bugs, treat with mild insecticide if any are spotted.