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Nerve Plant

(Fittonia albivenis): Medium size • Moderate effort • Medium light

Normally silver, the detailed veins on nerve plants come in red, white, pink, and green. These sophisticated plants are great for terrariums, but difficult outside of them.


Prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Although they can tolerate lower light conditions, you have a greater chance of them producing flowers if they are exposed to indirect sunlight. Never place in direct sunlight.


Very sensitive to underwatering, try to keep the soil a bit moist. Requires constant high humidity levels. Placing it in a terrarium is the ideal option. If not, mist frequently or place on a pebble water tray. Use a humidifier if your nerve plant is not in a terrarium.


 • Temperature: 21°C is the ideal temperature, but they can tolerate temperatures between 16°C and 27°C.

 • Food: When the plant is in its growth period, fertilize with weak dose liquid fertilizer weekly. Always follow product instructions.

 • Toxicity: Non toxic to dogs and cats.