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Oyster Plant

(Tradescantia spathacea): Small size • Easy effort • Moderate light

Known for their bold colours yet simple appearance, Oyster plants will add texture to a beginner’s plant collection. Their foliage can have pink, purple, green, and white stripes.


Prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Although they can tolerate lower light conditions, they will produce more vivid colours if placed under indirect sunlight.


In summer, allow the first inch of soil to dry before rewatering, which means you should water twice a week. Drain any excess water. Allow the soil to dry more in winter, watering once a week instead.


  • Temperature: Tolerates a wide range of temperatures, but avoid letting the plant go below 13°C, as well as cold drafts.

Food: Fertilize monthly with a diluted fertilizer when watering during its growth period.

 • Toxicity: Oyster plant sap is toxic to cats, dogs, and humans. Direct contact with the sap can cause skin irritation.