Peace Lily

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Peace Lily

(Spathiphyllum Sensation): Medium size • Easy effort • Lumière modérée

Peace lilies are lush plants that produce large flowers. Their beauty and ease of care have made them a popular houseplant choice.


Can tolerate low light conditions, but prefers bright indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight. Enjoys high humidity, mist frequently, or place on a water pebble tray.


Keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Peace lilies will droop a little when they are in need of water. Generally water once a week.


 • Temperature: Prefers warmer temperatures, ideally around or above 21°C. Avoid temperatures below 16°C.

 • Food: Peace lilies are not heavy feeders, optionally fertilize at the end of winter to promote spring and summer growth.

 • Toxicity: Peace lilies are toxic, keep away from cats, dogs, and small children.