Red Calathea

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Red Calathea

(Calathea dottie): Medium size • Moderate effort • Low light

These luxurious plants are known for their dark foliage and bold pink stripes. There are several dozen different types of Calatheas, which vary in colours and patterns.


Prefers medium to low indirect light. Direct sunlight is to be avoided, as it will burn the leaves. Dark conditions are not ideal for proper growth.


Keep the soil moist at all times with a consistent watering schedule. Avoid waterlogged or soggy soil. Loves high humidity levels, mist frequently, or use a humidifier. Bathrooms with windows or kitchens are ideal locations for this plant.


 • Temperature: Between 18°C and 24°C are ideal for this plant.

 • Food: Use an all-purpose fertilizer once a month during spring and summer. Do not fertilize in winter and fall.

 • Toxicity: Non-toxic to cats, dogs and humans