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Rubber Plant

(Ficus elastica): Large size • Effortless • Moderate light

Its name comes from the fact that this tough plant used to be used to make rubber. They are excellent at cleaning the air indoors.


Prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight, but can also tolerate low light conditions as well as bright direct sunlight.


Keep soil moist in summer, but not soggy, watering once or twice a week. If exposed to more light, increase waterings. During winter, water once or twice a month. Normal indoor humidity is fine. Mist the plant and wipe down the leaves occasionally.


 • Temperature: Ideal temperatures are between 18°C and 30°C. Do not let them go below 15°C.

 • Food: Use all-purpose fertilizer during the growth season (spring/ summer) Plant in a well-draining soil mixture.

 • Toxicity: Rubber plant sap is toxic to cats, dogs and humans.