String of Dolphins

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String of Dolphins

(Senecio peregrinus): Small size • Effortless care • Bright light

Each curved leaf of this succulent has two small points on it which make it look like a pod of leaping dolphins. At times this succulent hybrid can be rare and difficult to find.


Prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid too much direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves.


Allow soil to dry out between waterings to avoid root rot. Water until water drains out of the drainage hole. In summer and spring, water once a week. In winter, water once a month.


 • Temperature: Ideal range is between 10°C and 26°C. Avoid cold drafts.

 • Food: Fertilize only once a year at the start of spring. Plant in a well-draining succulent/cactus mix.

 • Toxicity: String of dolphins are toxic for cat and dogs.