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My product arrived damaged, what should I do?

It’s normal for plants to have some minor blemishes, they are natural products after all. If a leaf is damaged during transport, cut it off to encourage the plant to make new growth. Transport can also be a stressful time for plants, sometimes they need a few days to bounce back.

We offer a 14-day guarantee on all of our products. If you received a damaged product, simply visit our Returns page for more information on getting a refund or an exchange.

Why isn’t my plant the same as what I ordered?

The images displayed online are for demonstration purposes only. It is normal for there to be slight variations in size, colour, and texture.

We try our best to offer as close a product to what is displayed, but plants are natural products with many variations.

Should I repot my plant right away?

You do not need to repot your plant right away. As long as the plant still has space to grow in its pot and is healthy, you can leave it how it is.

If you want to repot it, we recommend that you let your plant adjust to its new environment for around 2 weeks before repotting it.

Remember to repot your plant into a pot with drainage holes, to use the appropriate soil and to choose the right size pot. Need help? You can arrange a virtual consultation.

My plant doesn’t look happy after receiving it, what should I do?

The entire process of packaging and transporting a plant can be stressful for some plants. Usually, all it takes is a bit of time for your plant to get used to its new environment, before you know it the plant will look healthy again.

We are happy to help you figure out what is going on. Feel free to contact us via our Live Chat (located on the bottom right of any page on this website) with photos of the plant, or via our contact page.

How do I take care of my plant?

All of the basic care instructions for your plant, such as watering and sunlight needs, are located on the product page. You can find the name of your plant in your order history.

For any other quick questions, you can reach out to us:

10am to 6pm (EST) daily

Can I order plants in winter?

Yes, we do! Having plants around in winter is one of the best ways to beat the winter blues.

From November 15th to March 15th, we use special winter packaging to ensure the safety of our plants. A 5$ Winter Packaging fee may apply at checkout.

If ever your plant arrives damaged by the cold, we will gladly replace it with our 14-day guarantee. You can find more details here.

Can I place a large order for a company?

Visit our Commercial section if you would like to place a large order for a company or commercial event.

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