Create spaces that people love to be in

At Pamai, we are passionate about providing you with beautiful plants to make your workplace healthier and happier.

Indoor plants offer more than just beauty, they have many benefits such as reducing stress, increasing productivity, and boosting creativity.


Pamai specializes in creating beautiful indoor environments with plants. We offer complete design, installation, and maintenance services for offices, restaurants, lobbies, and more.

Our Services

Indoor Design

Our team of plant specialists will design the perfect plant installation for your unique space. There is a plant for every situation and taste, let us find it for you.


We offer complete plant maintenance services, from weekly watering to repotting, and more. Let us help you grow.

Green Walls

Transform your workplace with a stunning green wall. Choose between a living wall or a moss wall, installed by our experts.

Plant Rental

If you need a touch of green for an event, showing or special occasion, we got you covered. with our fast and easy plant rental service.

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