Spider Plant



The Spider Plant is a beloved houseplant adored for its elegant, arching foliage reminiscent of spider legs. Renowned for its resilience and air-purifying properties, this plant thrives in various indoor conditions, making it a favorite among both beginner and seasoned plant enthusiasts.

Whether suspended in a hanging basket or placed atop a shelf, the Spider Plant adds a touch of natural beauty to any interior setting.

  • Grows to a max size of 2 feet in all directions
  • Small: between 6″ to 10″ tall, measured from the soil to the top of the foliage
  • Arrives in custom packaging to ensure a safe journey
  • The plants featured are for reference only. Ceramic pots are sold separately.

Care Guide

Spider Plant / Chlorophytum comosum Native to South Africa
  • Light: Does best in bright indirect light and can tolerate lower light conditions. Avoid intense direct sunlight.
  • Water: Water once a week, try to keep the soil moist. Use distilled water if possible.
  • Note: Avoid direct sunlight which can burn the leaves.
  • Spider plants are non-toxic, so safe to have with pets and children.
  • Browning leaf tips: Not enough humidity, not using distilled water.
  • Long stems: Baby spider plants, cut off and propagate.


We promise your plants will arrive healthy & beautiful. If not, we’ll replace them for free under our 14-day Guarantee. If there’s major damage beyond minor blemishes, contact us within 14 days for a free replacement.

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