About us

Our story begins with our name, Pamai, which means forest in Laotian. We set out to make just that, our own little forest in an urban environment.

We started Pamai in 2020, at a time when many small businesses were suffering and closing down. Our simple yet original concept came from a desire to combine two of our favorite pastimes; plants and bubble tea. Our passion for both has only grown since the start of our adventure.

Pamai has become more than just a business for us; it’s a little haven for plant enthusiasts and bubble tea lovers alike. There’s an inexplicable joy in guiding others on their plant care journey, fostering their enthusiasm while cultivating a community.

So please join us in this vibrant oasis we’ve created—a place where greenery thrives, and friendships bloom over the simple pleasures of plants and a good drink.

– Sophie & Dominic

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